WebMoney Processing is a solution for collecting funds. It was designed for merchants who are looking for a choice of payment methods. It provides users with a single automated back-office solution which, among its other useful management functions, includes the logging of all transactions.

WebMoney undertakes to act on your behalf to process payments from Customers conducted through various local methods of payment and transfer the funds collected to your bank account.

We provide settlement in the national currencies of countries where we have a local presence, and in USD or Euros for global/international companies.

Fees depend on the turnover and are negotiable.

Information about Merchants registered with our Processing Service is published in our Megastock Catalogue, which lists all merchants who accept WebMoney in payment for their goods or services. The catalogue is accessed daily by thousands of our customers. We are also open to participation in joint promotional campaigns and co-branded advertising.

Applying for WebMoney Processing

  • Merchants’ representatives are invited to submit their application forms here. Registration involves the following steps:
    • Select a currency for payments. A separate agreement should be concluded for each currency.
    • Upload scanned copies of the required documents (i.e. a certificate of incorporation, proof of address, powers of attorney, etc.) and all other required information about the company.
    • Provide details of a bank account in which funds will be settled.
    • Provide the company’s Trade Name, the URL of the website, a description of the services rendered or products offered, keywords that will be used to search for your website, and select the product/service category that your website falls into.
    • Fill in the contact details of the person(s) who will have access to the Merchant Personal Account: full name, phone number, email (please be aware that this email will be used to log in to the Merchant Personal Account).
  • Upon receipt of your application, the WebMoney team will process it, prepare agreements and other documents to be signed, and contact you as soon as possible.
  • Upon receipt of a scanned copy of the agreement signed by the Merchant, we will create a purse(s) that will be used to receive payments from WebMoney users. Once the purse is created, the Merchant will have access to the Personal Account.
  • The Merchant’s own IT managers shall implement the Payment Processing Interface. The Payment Interface is very easy to set up and requires no special technical knowledge — you will be given a special code to embed in your Website’s code. The Payment Interface allows customers to return easily to your website after they have paid for your goods or services. Notification will be sent to you immediately after payment.
  • The next step to test the Payment Interface. Once it has been tested successfully, and we have received the original versions of the signed agreements, the service will become operational.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@wmtransfer.com